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Kemang is an area located in south Jakarta municipality which is marked by the main road of Jalan Kemang Raya, Jalan Prapanca, and Jalan Bangka. The name of Kemang is especially well spoken among expatriates population, as the area gives the life style and needs just match with them. So, Kemang is often called as a wealthy suburb. The area offers various bars, restaurants, discotheques and other entertainments, which can be said it has dozens of night spots. Kemchicks supermarket which is located in Kemang offers various type of recipes, food and beverages imported from various countries. This supermarket is owned by Indonesian millionaire Bob Sadino.

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Interesting Places in Kemang

The most interesting aspect of Kemang area beside its night life, restaurants and bars, is the presence of hundreds of shops offering various products on retail. One can find anything along the left and right sides of the roads. It is almost like old town in situation, only the type of product and people roaming there are different. antique shops are worth visiting, as they have strange antiques which are some of them believed to bring magic power or charms. Just like traditional belief of various societies that often looking for solution at the unmeasured tools, uneasy to know the effect of the belief.

Hotels in Kemang

Best hotel in this area is a 4 star Grand Kemang Hotel which was renovated into a deluxe class hotel, located at Jalan Kemang Raya For foreign travelers this hotel is the only choice that is suitable. The hotel offers beautiful and convenient lounges, bar, restaurant, and even clubbing until late night. Twilite Cafe for example, which is located at Jalan Kemang Raya no. 24A has bars, cafes internet cafe, art gallery, bookshop and others set in a 2-story building.

Kemang also develops special residential estate for up class with beautiful gardens and recreations. For those looking for apartment or mansion houses, Kemang offers the best location and choices. Access to central Jakarta is smooth through toll Gatot Subroto, the tool road that connects north - west and south Jakarta.

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Budget HotelsHotels are rich within Jakarta from cheap to luxury five star hotels are available in almost all parts of the city including hotels which are located close to the international airport of Cengkareng. For travellers who has not good flight connection can use some hotels available near airport.

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Jakarta Historic Places Shopping and Recreations

Tugu Monas National monument is the symbol of the independence standing proudly in the center of the city. See the city from the top See more

Sunda Kelapa is ancient port which is still well preserved with now special port for phinisi tradisional ships. This reminds us about the sea trade in the course of early Christian Era See more

BataviaShopping Mangga Dua, Tanah Abang and othersOld Batavia town is the oldest area of the city founded in the year of 1700 by Dutch VOC preserving the European middle and modern age architectures See more

Shopping Paradise ! Jakarta city is well known for its' shopping travel. Giant shopping centers such as Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang are among the most famous places, besides cheap prices, also variation of goods and services available both retails and groceries are among the most complete.

Jakarta MapSee general map of Jakarta city with complete information on the places of interest indicated on the map within government administrative border.

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Accommodation in Jakarta

Hotel Reservation in all areas of Jakara city starting from budget hotels Central Jakarta - South Jakarta - North Jakarta - West Jakarta - Jakarta Airport. Within the administration of greater Jakarta city are known many areas with its' specific character of location, type of business, certain trend of development, history, and level of advancement. One can find what is the area and hotel factility on those areas such as Ancol, China Town, Mangga Dua, Kemang and others. Short description of these areas with travel facilities can be hotels seen here

Exploring historic part or modern life style of Jakarta city, one can now choose some type of packages which are the most efficient way or relaxing manner if time more permitting. Starting from only hiring a vehicle with driver up to fully organized all inclusive tour packages.

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