Betawi Art West Jakarta municipality is one of the administrative area under the government of Jakarta province, counts 1.565.084 residents according to the latest registration by government on June 2002. West Jakarta records the fastest development of population growth. In the year of 2000 it was recorded a number of 1.537.035, then on the following year of 2001 counted 1.565.387, in the year of 2002 until June reached 1.567.090. West Jakarta is the beginning of current vast city of Jakarta with total population more then 10 millions, starting from a tiny port of Sunda Kelapa in 1600s. As the oldest part of Jakarta, West Jakarta has the most interesting historical sites from Hindu, Moslem, and the era of Dutch Est Indies.

Old building Interesting Places in West Jakarta worth mentioning are Museum Sejarah Jakarta, a historical museum of the development of Jakarta city. The building of the museum was a city hall in 1710, and was built in 1707 during the construction of Dutch Est Indies. Old Building or Shops or Offices, along Jalan Kali Besar Barat were built during 19th centuries such as Lloyd Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank, P.T. Samudra Indonesia, P.T. Jasa Raharja, and PT. Bhanda and Graha Reksa. Museum Textile, the building was built in 19th century by a France national which was later bought by the Consular Agency of Turkey Mr. Abdul Aziz Almussawi Al Katiri. In 1947 the building become the basis for Indonesian Army in struggle for independence Asrama Polisi Palmerah, a building with the style of Europe, which is called by local resident with the name of " landhuis" or high building, as during 19th century it was the highest building at the area. Gereja Sion, a Church built in 1605 by Portuguese with the name " Portugeesche Buiten Kerk with the beautiful utensils hand carved specially brought from Taiwan. The size of Gereja Sion is only 60 x 50 meters on a land of 6.725 square meters. Gereja Katolik Santa Maria de Fatima, built at the beginning of 20th century with Chinese style. According to the record this building was actually constructed for a house. Bangunan Toko Merah, built in 1730 and was the house of Governor General Van Imhoff ( 1705 - 1750 ) with the name of the building Hoofd Kantoor Jacobson. The name of Gedung Merah is come from the color of the interior and decorations are all in red, so it is called Red Building in Indonesian is Gedung Merah. In the year of 1743 - 1755 by Governor General Remier de Klerk it was used for the base of Navy Academy, later used as the hosting house of high dignitaries. Before world war II, the building was renovated by Bank Voor Indie which was later became their office

Suggested Hotel West Jakarta

Selected hotels on West Jakarta municipality. West Jakarta has not many choice of hotels since, the location of central and south Jakarta actually not so far, beside the center of business development is not yet in a scale for west Jakarta except at the northern area.
De Rivier Hotel**** Located among busy old Jakarta's China town, within walking distance from the original site of Jakarta city that is the port of Kalapa which was visited by envoys of Portuguese in August 1622
Jatra Hotel budget 105 guest rooms with real budget travel plan for those who is looking for less consideration of staying in overshadowed by luxury, yet staying in a confortable standard travel facilities
Kartika Chandra Hotel**** Located near Government offices, diplomatic mission, Central Business District, Shopping centre, Monument National, Indonesia Museum, and the most famous Jakarta Round
Kchrysant Hotel budget On the strait way of Daan Mogot to the east at the cross road is University of Trisakti. 20 minutes from Gambir Train Station, 25 minutes from Senen Train Station, 20 minutes Soekarno-Hatta
Menara Peninsula**** Nests in the Slipi area, which is close to the Jakarta Convention Center, 10 minutes drive to the business and leisure districts
Permata Indah Hotel budget Permata Indah Hotel sets in the middle of Permata Indah Residency and business area on the side of famous Daan Mogot street. This area is close to the border of North and Central Jakarta. Along the road of Daan Mogot are offices and station of famous Indonesian TV such as Metro TV and Indosiar TV
Santika Hotel**** Located central to the business district of West Jakarta. From airport to Santika Hotel Jakarta is only 25 minutes drive by car or public transportation or private taxi meter
Twin Plaza Hotel**** located in the heart of Jakarta at East West express highway of Slipi. Five kms from the Central Business district and 21 kms from Soekarno Hatta International airport
World Hotel** budget, offers rooms design in smart and contemporary style putting at once the feeling of luxury and comfortability. Room size in average is 15 m2, with the choice of Queen and Twin Bed.

Budget HotelsHotels are rich within Jakarta from cheap to luxury five star hotels are available in almost all parts of the city including hotels which are located close to the international airport of Cengkareng. For travellers who has not good flight connection can use some hotels available near airport.

Paket Liburan Pulau Sepa Resort - Putri Resort - Hotel Murah - Liburan Bali

Shopping Mangga Dua, Tanah Abang and othersOld Batavia town is the oldest area of the city founded in the year of 1700 by Dutch VOC preserving the European middle and modern age architectures, with many choices of sightseeing tours See more

Shopping Paradise ! Jakarta city is well known for its' shopping travel. Giant shopping centers such as Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang are among the most famous places, besides cheap prices, also variation of goods and services available both retails and groceries are among the most complete.

Jakarta MapSee general map of Jakarta city with complete information on the places of interest indicated on the map within government administrative border.

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Accommodation in Jakarta

Hotel Reservation in all areas of Jakara city starting from budget hotels Central Jakarta - South Jakarta - North Jakarta - West Jakarta - Jakarta Airport . Within the administration of greater Jakarta city are known many areas with its' specific charcter of location, type of business, certain trend of development, history, and level of advancement. One can find what is the area and hotel factility on those areas such as Ancol, China Town, Mangga Dua, Kemang and others. Short description of these areas with travel facilities can be hotels seen here

Hotel Murah di Jakarta lihat daftar - Pilihan akomodasi standard dan mewah meliputi hotel Jakarta pusat - hotel Jakarta Utara - hotel Jakarta Barat - hotel Jakarta Selatan Jika perlu hotel sesuai dengan wilayahnya misalnya dekat Mangga Dua, Kemang atau lainnya silahkan klik hotel sesuai area

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