The location of Jakarta city is on the west part Java island. When Indonesia regained the independence in 1945, west Java divided into 2 provinces that were the province of West Java with the capital city of Bandung, and the city province of Jakarta. Since Jakarta has been developing into the biggest city in Indonesia beside Jakarta as the center of Indonesia government the province of Jakarta has been given an autonomy status called Jakarta Special Province. Special province refers to the degree of autonomy that is handled by the government of the province do not totally become the assignment of central government. Since the independence of Indonesia we know 3 special provinces in Indonesia those are Aceh province due to their specific character of Islamic culture and Yogyakarta due to it's rich and great value of their culture as the historic center of Javanese culture. Today West Java has been divided into 3 provinces with the last separated from West Java is the province of Banten, which having an important history in the development of West Java and Jakarta itself. During 15th century West Java under the flourishing kingdom of Sunda or often called Pajajaran, Banten was the second important port of the kingdom after Kalapa ( now Jakarta ).


Total area of Jakarta Special Province is 650 square kms or 65.000 hectares with the position from 106o22'42'' to 106o58'18'' East and from -5o19;12'' to -5o25'54'' South. The position of the land from the sea level is from 0 meter at Tanjung Priok Sea Port area to 50 meters above sea level, especially high place at south Jakarta. The more south the more higher the land altitude

Climate of Jakarta

Jakarta has strong tropical climate with average yearly temperature is 20oC and moisture level between 80 - 90%. Wind blowing is strongly influenced by the seasonal circle of West and East seasons. West season is when the sun is located south of equator, between November and April while East season is when the sun is at the northern equator between May and October. Daily temperature of Jakarta is strongly influenced by the Java sea. Yearly rain fall is 2.000 mm, with the peak of wet season during January and the driest during September. The area of Jakarta consist of Pleistocene sediment which is 50 m under land surface. At the southern area of Jakarta consist of alluvial layer. This alluvial layer experience abrasion which is transported to northern area lowland covered the older layer. This older stratum position is around 10 to 25 m depth. The altitude of Jakarta is from 0 to 10 m above sea level. The area such as Tanjung Priok, now one of sea port of Jakarta is at the same level with the sea surface.

Government Administration

During 14th century it was a small port called Sunda Kelapa which was located on West Jakarta under the control of Hindu kingdom of Pajajaran, now it is known as the land of Sunda with the capital city of Bandung. Pajajaran kingdom was the biggest kingdom on west Java, while Majapahit was the biggest kingdom on east Java at the era. In 1527 the Islamic kingdom of Demak took over Sunda Kelapa from Pajajaran and the Portuguese and changed the name into Jayakarta. This date is become the birth day of Jakarta. On 4 March 1621 the Dutch Colony formed city administration and renamed the city with Stad Batavia. On 1 April 1955 changed into Gemeente Batavia, and 8 Janaury 1935 changed into Stad Gemeente Batavia, an indication that the status of Jakarta had been changed from a small port into an administrative city. Under the occupation of Japanese in 8 August 1942 the name of Batavia again changed into Jakarta or in Japanese called Jakarta Toku Betshushi in Indonesia means Jakarta Special City. After the independence of Indonesia, Jakarta was decided as the center of government administration for the whole Indonesian regions or provinces. Today Jakarta special province is divided into 6 second level of governments called kabupaten which head report directly to the head of the province. The province is also called first level government. Those 6 second level of Jakarta government include: North Jakarta municipality, West Jakarta municipality, South Jakarta municipality, East Jakarta municipality, Central Jakarta municipality and the Kabupaten of Pulau Seribu ( Thousand Islands ).

The second level government is divided further into smaller administrative area called Kecamatan administration which reports directly to the head of the second level government. In Jakarta are exist 43 Kecamatan administrative areas. Each Kecamatan is divided again into smaller unit of administrative areas called Kelurahan. In total Jakarta records 265 Kelurahans. The head of the province is called Gubernur, the head of the second level government is called Wali Kota ( Meyer ), and the head of the Kabupaten is called Bupati. White the head of Kecamatan is called Camat, and the head of the Kelurahan is called Lurah. The people in Jakarta are directly connected with the Lurah for any legal or civil service. Being granted an autonomy status Jakarta has a department or the local planning. This bureau is called Regional Development Planning, in Indonesian Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah ( BAPPEDA ). This bureau has the assignment for the integrated planning of the area from physical to funding. Every one put a great hope to make their standard of living growing better by migrating seasonally to the city of Jakarta, although it is strong awearness that most of the migrators from the other part of Java have no enough skill to live in Jakarta. This is the main source of the complex situation of the city and surrounding, beside bulk number of born children by poor people and some Islamic religious figures.

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The existance of Jakarta city has parallel with the existence of current provice of Banten and West Java in general as the capital city of West Java province which is also known as the Pasundan land. Both Banten Port city and Jakarta city are located on the north shore of West Java,read more

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Accommodation in Jakarta

Hotel Reservation in all areas of Jakara city starting from budget hotels Central Jakarta - South Jakarta - North Jakarta - West Jakarta - Jakarta Airport. Within the administration of greater Jakarta city are known many areas with its' specific character of location, type of business, certain trend of development, history, and level of advancement. One can find what is the area and hotel factility on those areas such as Ancol, China Town, Mangga Dua, Kemang and others. Short description of these areas with travel facilities can be hotels seen here

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