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Jakarta city offers interesting sightseeing tours with many interesting places from history, recreations, shopping, and business travel. As the capital city of Indonesia the city offers very complete travel facilities such as hotels, transportation, airline, train, commuter train, and private transportation. With the existance of tour operators in the city the travel become much more easier and cheaper.

logo Jakarta CityDKI Jakarta refers the meaning Jakarta Special Province, a city of contrast with continuing influx of migrants from the rest of Indonesia provinces. A brief account on Jakarta as a metropolitan city has been granted an autonomy in managing the affairs of various social aspects. Additionally the city is the seat of Indonesia government, the president office thus the capital city of Indonesia. That is why Jakarta at once received to many travellers aborad and foreign. This situation facilitates various services including travel arrangment such as Jakarta city tour. See more

China town JakartaChina Town. Around the years of 1700s Jakarta was started to expand keeping pace with the start of Batavia old town by Ducth overseas trade which is now called Jakarta Old Town, or Kota in Indonesian, neighboring with the port of China town This part of the city is one of the most popular visit for Jakarta city tour arrangement.

National Museum the biggest and most complete collection of pre-history and historical artefacts can be seen on display, which is the most popular Jakarta city tour so far. The highlight of cultural and physical history of Indonesia can be seen among the collections. Cultural interest travellers this place is a must. A tour package daily called Jakarta city tour includes the visit to the museum.

Budget HotelsHotels are rich within Jakarta from cheap to luxury five star hotels are available in almost all parts of the city including hotels which are located close to the international airport of Cengkareng. For travellers who has not good flight connection can use some hotels available near airport.

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Tugu Monas National monument is the symbol of the independence standing proudly in the center of the city. See the city from the top See more National monument and Sunda Kelapa port are two interesting places that are always on the itinerary of Jakarta city tour. Sunda Kelapa is ancient port which is still well preserved with now special port for phinisi tradisional ships. This reminds us about the sea trade in the course of early Christian Era See more

BataviaShopping Mangga Dua, Tanah Abang and othersOld Batavia town is the oldest area of the city founded in the year of 1700 by Dutch VOC preserving the European middle and modern age architectures See more Shopping Paradise ! Jakarta city is well known for its' shopping travel. Giant shopping centers such as Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang are among the most famous places, besides cheap prices, also variation of goods and services available both retails and groceries are among the most complete. This parts are the most popular Jakarta city tour combination for any type of travellers.

Jakarta MapSee general map of Jakarta city with complete information on the places of interest indicated on the map within government administrative border.

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Capital of Sundanese One might think that on the island of Java there is only Javanese, but in fact there are many ethnic group outside the biggest number of population of Javanese. The Sundanese is second largest population on the island of Java beside small numbers of other ethnics such as the Baduy on west Java, the Dieng in Central Java and Tenger in East Java. Sundanese is known with its beautiful landscape and beautiful women with lighter color. Bandung as the capital city of modern Sunda is actually not old city, as it was started by Ducth army in 18th century. Historically their capital city was Pajajaran, which is according archaeologist located near current Bogor city. As modern city Bandung has many in teresting places from nature up to shopping. See package tour suggestion to Bandung also in Indonesian for Bandung various tours

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